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What is a typical build schedule like?

Category: Tipi

At TS Events we understand that planning an event in a Tipi requires careful preperation and coordination. That’s why we have a clear and efficient build schedule for our Tipi hire and event management services. Our usual build schedule for an event taking place on a Saturday is as follows.

  • We start the build on Monday morning and aim to be finished by Wednesday evening/ Thursday morning, depending on event size, complexity and weather conditions. This gives us enough time to set up the tipi, flooring, the lighting, heating and any other accessories you may need for your event.
  • This give you the time before your event to style the tipi the way you want. It is normally at this time vendors would such as florists and caterers would come on site to personalise your space to make it unique.
  • We begin the breakdown the following Monday morning and take approximately 1.5 days to dismantle and remove the tipi and all the accessories. We do this in a respectful and responsible manner leaving no trace of our presence except an flatter patch of grass where the tipi once stood. Please note your grass will return to normal within a few days.

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