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Our Tipi or not only beautiful and spacious, but also durable and waterproof.  They are made of a high quality canvas with a special finish that makes the fabric water repellent and mildew resistant. Our tipi can withstand the Irish weather conditions whether it be wind, rain or snow.

Our Tipi are not only waterproof, they are also warm and cosy. We can provide special heaters in the tipi to keep them at a comfortable temperature for you and your guests.

Category: Tipi

At TS Events we are not only experts in event management but also in providing reliable and safe power solutions for your outdoor events. Whether you are hosting a wedding, a festival, a concert or any other occasion. You can count on us to power your event with an event power generator.

We work with a partner supplier who supplier who has a wide range of generators for hire that are efficient, reliable and most importantly quiet. From portable to trailer mounted units, that can meet your power requirements. We can also provide the necessary cabling, power distribution, sockets and lighting to suit your requirments.

Category: Tipi

Yes we do site visit for all our Tipi builds well ahead of time to ensure your site is suitable for your requirements. During this visit we will discuss your different options and answer any questions you may have.

Category: Tipi

We are more than just a tipi hire company. We are a one stop shop for all your event furnishing needs. We can provide a range of furnishings such as tables, chairs, couches, cutlery, crockery, bar counters, bar equipment, lighting and staging to make your event feel comfortable.

Whether you are looking for a rustic, elegant or modern style we have the right furnishings for you.

Category: Tipi

We know how important its is to have a comfortable and hygienic environment for your guests. Especially when it comes to toilet facilities. We work with a partner supplier who provides luxury toilets of the highest quality to suit the needs of the number of guests you have.

Our partner supplier specialise in the hire of high end toilet facilities for indoor and outdoor events. The offer a range of options from single units to trailer units that are spacious, elegant and fully equipped with amenities such as handwash basins, mirrors, lighting, ventilation. They also take care of the delivery, installation, maintenance and removal of the toilets so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Category: Tipi

At Ts Events we offer you the opportunity to host your event in a spacious stylish tipi. Our tipi are perfect for a variety of events such as wedding, birthdays, festivals and corporate outings. But how many people can fit in a Tipi?

The answer depend on the type of layout you want for your event. Our tipi can generally hold 60/65 people each, if you use round tables and chairs for seating. However if you need to accommodate a space for a bar, stage or chill out area, for example a wedding we would suggest keeping it to 50 people per tipi. This way you can ensure your guests have enough room to move around, dance and enjoy themselves.

You can also combine multiple tipi to create a larger space for bigger events. We are happy to advise you on the best configuration and layout for your event.

Category: Tipi

Each of our Tipi have a of 10.3m diameter footprint with the sides pitched down. If you were to pitch the sides up the footprint with increase by approximately 1.5 meters. The amount of space required for the Tipi depends on the number of Tipi required and the configuration they are arranged in.

Category: Tipi

Yes we can create a custom floorplan to give you an idea of how your Tipi will look and feel for your event on the day.

Category: Tipi

We certainly can! we carry a range of different catering tents in various different sizes depending on your caterers different requirements. We also supply a wide rang of preparation, catering and refrigeration equipment to kit out your kitchen to your caterers requirements.

Category: Tipi

What surface is it going on? Grass is the best surface for pitching a Tipi.

Is the site level?

Is the site Dry?

Is it an located in area with susceptible to strong winds?

Does it have access for 4×4 and other large vehicles?

Does your site have facilities such as water, power and toilets?

Does your site having suitable access and parking for guests?

Category: Tipi

At TS Events we understand that planning an event in a Tipi requires careful preperation and coordination. That’s why we have a clear and efficient build schedule for our Tipi hire and event management services. Our usual build schedule for an event taking place on a Saturday is as follows.

  • We start the build on Monday morning and aim to be finished by Wednesday evening/ Thursday morning, depending on event size, complexity and weather conditions. This gives us enough time to set up the tipi, flooring, the lighting, heating and any other accessories you may need for your event.
  • This give you the time before your event to style the tipi the way you want. It is normally at this time vendors would such as florists and caterers would come on site to personalise your space to make it unique.
  • We begin the breakdown the following Monday morning and take approximately 1.5 days to dismantle and remove the tipi and all the accessories. We do this in a respectful and responsible manner leaving no trace of our presence except an flatter patch of grass where the tipi once stood. Please note your grass will return to normal within a few days.
Category: Tipi

We want to make your event in a tipi as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. That’s why we use a special flooring that is not only beautiful, but also practical and durable. Our floor is a golden coloured matting called Dandy Dura.

We lay the Dandy Dura in sections throughout the tipi, creating a great surface for your event. It is also high heel friendly so don’t worry about damaging your floor or your shoes.