TS Events Cork

Cocktails on Tap

We are delighted to now offer premium cocktails on tap. We have a range of delicious cocktails on offer for you to choose from, which can be poured from our easy to use, draught system.

Cocktails are great for events and weddings. Having premuim quality cocktails on-tap means they are served quickly and efficiently increasing customer satisfaction and decreasing staff stress. These are other benefits to using this source for cocktails. Firstly, there is the issue of sourcing, ingredients. For any range of cocktails served at an event, there is a multitude of ingredients needed. Each one needs to be ordered in the necessary quantity and storage requirements need to be followed very carefully to avoid spoilage.

Consistency is another challenge when serving cocktails at any event. Without the option of serving premium cocktails on-tap, both service premium levels and consistency of quality will be impacted. Make one call to us and your cocktails are covered. Kegerators are supplied, commissioned and collected after the event. Cocktails are selected with the organisers and made fresh to order.

For a quote, please contact us on 0212377576